Course Description

‘MGA495 Design for Social Change, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ is a final year course taught at Cyprus University of Technology in the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, for one semester. The course aims to communicate to students the basic theoretical and practical aspects of social design, innovation and entrepreneurship through a learning framework of interdisciplinary group work and cooperative learning. It covers the main points of social design, innovation and entrepreneurship, and the basic methodologies and practices that inform them. The students work in small interdisciplinary teams to tackle and solve real-world, small-scale social challenges that relate directly to their local environment. They apply design thinking to develop solutions, and where appropriate they use crowdfunding to support the initiatives of their respective groups. To foster innovative teaching approaches, collaborative learning, and to promote creative thinking to solve social challenges, the innovative use of information and communication technologies is embedded in teaching and learning. Through group work, the students build their learning in a way that benefits their personal development and academic interests while they develop life-long learning skills in social design.

"Design is a response to social change."
-George Nelson

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