Breaking the Rubbish Cycle in Limassol City Centre

The young people of Limassol need to learn how to consciously deal with their rubbish, for the betterment of everyday life in the streets of the city centre. Adopting good habits that would break the cycle of polluting and leading to active positive actions. For that to happen, the problem needs to be acknowledged by as many young people as possible. Understanding the negative effects that ignorance can cause in the long run needs to be of the highest of priorities. The focus is placing their rubbish in the different bins, getting them down the processing line of dispatching to wastelands which needs to be avoided as much as possible, separating and recycling the various families of materials and reusing items until their lifecycle is through, or even composting biodegradable materials. Taking it a step further, these people need to not only reflect on their own polluting actions, but also to take care from rubbishing the streets of the city centre, this should become a conscious collective choice.

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