Against Discrimination - Asylum Seekers

We are aiming our campaign at young Cypriots between the ages of 18-25 irrespective of their gender, religion or education. Mostly they’ve been raised in smaller communities with close family bonds and so they can be cautious and find it difficult to accept anything that might challenge their culture or clash with their beliefs. The current challenges the country faces with economic crisis causes fear and anxiety due to the fact that the unemployment percentages are increasing. Immigrants are perceived to being preferred over the Cypriot citizens for job positions. There is also the fear that the asylum seekers bring views that undermine the orthodox religion. They either come into contact with asylum seekers daily or know nothing about them at all. They tend not to know much about asylum seekers and usually have views that developed either through their close family and friends or through the media. "What if we told you they're not the bad people. But you're making them bad people..."

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