High Risk Groups COVID-19 Students Support

Vulnerable university students are currently facing various problems due to the situation of Covid-19. This group of people is strictly recommended to stay isolated at home for their own benefit. They should avoid coming in contact with other people so as to limit the possibility of getting infected from the virus. For that reason, students must follow the distance procedure of online lessons in order to be able to complete their academic year. However, even though online learning seems the perfect solution, vulnerable students are dealing with several issues. Firstly, staying at home for a long period of time can cause a few psychological problems that can negatively affect a person. Some examples can be depression and stress which may force a student to feel anxious, sad and lose interest in daily activities. Another important concern is that their social interactions are significantly limited, which drives the referring group into feelings of loneliness and bad mood. Moreover, these students are dealing with learning difficulties, as online learning is not so straightforward and understandable as to physical attendance in class and thus it is more challenging for them compared to other students. Lastly, high risk students are constantly depended on others for their personal needs. Someone else has to be concerned about their shopping list, food and personal needs. The whole situation is certainly demanding and very difficult for both the sufferers and the people around them.

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