Centenary haberdashery in downtown Lisbon


  • Margarida Lestra Chaves Salvador IADE - Faculdade de Design, Tecnologia e Comunicação da Universidade Europeia, Lisboa, Portugal


Retromarketing, Sustainability, Innovation, Historical shops, Haberdasher


This study begins with a survey on the haberdashery traditional business conditions in downtown Lisbon, the study of retail trade, the analysis of the retromarketing concept and finally looking into the consumption’s sustainability. It aims to propose marketing and design strategies which can help to revitalize the haberdashery economic value and remove these businesses from obsolescence and almost anonymity. Having understood the importance of communication with the consumer, through interviews, selecting a qualitative methodology and align this understanding with some theoretical concepts, hence supporting the exhibition of a set of proposals for the creation of a new identity. For each haberdashery a new identity was defined, as well as for a broad one that encompasses all stores present in this study - RETROS.
The above proposals seek to redefine traditional values, by the means of orientation and communication support, aiming to attract new target audiences, but also to consider a new aesthetic and imagery creation that should not be disassociated from these brands nor outdated. With the adoption of this creative strategy, it is expected some effect on the relevance of haberdashery business, financial impact and integration in the economic-cultural context that will give new life to Rua da Conceição haberdashery historical shops and to its brands.




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