Designed for life

Fashioning emergent futures


  • Erica de Greef African Fashion Research Institute


Social change, Emergency, Textile autobiographies, Healing, Community building, Colllaborative projects, Migrant histories, Affect, Placemaking, Design for Social Change


An exhibition review of Designed for Life that coincided with the opening of the new London College of Fashion (LCF) campus at UAL’s new East Bank home on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in October 2023. Exploring the exhibition's diverse projects employing textiles, design, film, photography, artefacts, testimonies and community building, the review considers both the affect of witnessing and the transformative power of creative action for a future fashion system that will expand the possibilities for people to live well together in a more-than-human world, will shift the contemporary narratives of emergency, to (k)new narratives of emergence towards radically new ways of living.

Textile banners and manifestos for a compassionate future co-created in the ‘Decolonising Fashion and Textiles’ project.




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