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DISCERN, the International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation, and Entrepreneurship is an independent, cross-disciplinary, and open-access publication that promotes academic research and exchange in the expansive area of design for social change and innovation. This field encompasses sustainabilty, social entrepreneurship, and the circular economy. The editorial board comprises a diverse team of academics and researchers who guide the journal. Various submissions are welcome, including original research articles (conceptual, theoretical, and empirical), review articles, research case studies, shorter reports, work in progress, book reviews, and discussions on articles and dialogues. We encourage submissions that relate to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024): Special issue on decentring design: crafting shifts, in and through fashion
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While findings from our research point towards the invaluable lived experience of refugees and what it truly means to be human, we hope that the papers included in this Special Issue will inspire you – the reader – with multiple ways in which design and fashion can be used to challenge perceptions and narratives around marginalised groups and to engage in participatory and decolonised processes aimed at fostering cultural sustainability and community resilience. We would like to invite you to join us on a collaborative journey to develop practices of resistance to the hostile environment in which we live, nurturing ethics of care and repair and contributing towards unlocking people’s freedom to express their shifting identities and their abilities to access resources, representation and power – in and through fashion.

Guest editors: Francesco Mazzarella, Seher Mirza

Published: 31-05-2024

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