Art + Design: elearning lab

The 'Art + Design: elearning lab' pursues activities consistent with the Cyprus University of Technology strategic planning for excellence in teaching and life-long learning, and the support of entrepreneurship for real social needs. Members of the lab have extensive experience in educational research, instructional technology and innovative curriculum development, and deliver an institute-wide undergraduate multidisciplinary unit on design for social change with embedded state-of-the-art uses of ICTs. The objectives of DISCERN are an extension of the focus of the lab.


SYNTHESIS promotes social inclusion, equal opportunities ands social entrepreneurship across Cyprus and implements projects of positive social change. In promoting equality and diversity across the divided country we contribute to peace and reconciliation by working across the “buffer zone” with both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Social entrepreneurship is key to our philosophy because it contributes towards the development of tolerance, understanding and empathy.


ID:Co.Lab/UNIDCOM is applied research group that uses creative methods and explores collaborative processes and user centered design approaches to generate sustainable innovations, in the domain of cultural and creative industries. The group's activities are directly related to IADEís academic activities and objectives, as well as to its social responsibility. It aims implementing the connection between research, creativity, technological innovation and other activities of production management for entrepreneurship and social change, contributing to the knowledge economy and sustainable growth, based on the original characteristics of Portuguese material, technological and cultural heritage.


Dialogue Café is a global non-profit initiative that enables face-to-face conversations between diverse groups of people from around the world. This enables them to share experiences; learn from each other and work together to address global challenges. Dialogue Café is the first public high quality video conferencing network specifically designed for civil society – specifically individuals and organisations working in the fields of intercultural dialogue and social innovation.

Paris College of Art

Paris College of Art (PCA) is a private university in Paris, France. The university is a US degree granting institution of higher learning and is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). PCA’s mission is to provide the highest standard of art and design education, taught within an American pedagogical paradigm, while being influenced and informed by our French and European environment. Our international faculty is comprised of 100 leaders in the art, design, and business industries in Europe and courses are taught in English. PCA offers an interdisciplinary education for students coming from 50 different countries


MakeSense engages thousands of citizens and social entrepreuners across the world to build local solutions for the most pressing issues of our time. To scale the best solutions, MakeSense partners with both governments, local stakeholders and companies. MakeSense has worked with hundreds of partners to co-develop together impactful solutions.

Faculty of Political Science of Zagreb University

As the oldest Faculty of Political Science in Central, Eastern and South-East Europe, offering political science program since 1962 and journalism programs since 1971, Faculty of Political Science is an academic institution whose mission is acquisition and transfer of knowledge about Croatian state and politics, society, media and its international environment. Through its research, educational and public activities, the Faculty promotes democratic values, institutions and political culture and offers its academic expertise to the public in the process of public policy development and implementation and making of collective decisions. Evidence based policy making has become even more important since Croatia joined the EU, and the Faculty of Political Science, along with other University entities, sees it as its mission to contribute to these processes.

Zagreb Impact Hub

Impact Hub Zagreb is a space and a community of entrepreneurs and social innovators that offers a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities. What defines Impact Hub is what happens inside these spaces, the drive of our members to connect, collaborate, co-create and evolve.